VCCS-VCU Guaranteed Admission Agreement letter of interest

This form is for Virginia Community College System students who anticipate transferring to VCU under the Guaranteed Admission Agreement.

Students must meet the following eligibility requirements to apply:

  • Earn a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA
  • Earn a minimum of 15 transferable credits
  • Submit a letter of interest 90 or more days before graduating from a VCCS institution
  • Complete a VCCS transfer-oriented associate degree or general education certificate
  • Earn a minimum grade of C or higher in each VCCS course applicable to your certificate or associate degree
  • Earn a minimum of 30 credits of the total required for a transfer-oriented associate degree from a VCCS institution
  • Enroll at VCU within one year of completing a general education certificate or transfer-oriented associate degree
  • Apply for transfer admission by VCU’s transfer application deadline

Applicants are ineligible for guaranteed admission if they:

  • Completed a general education certificate through high school dual enrollment
  • Enrolled at VCU then transferred to a VCCS college to complete a transfer-oriented associate degree

I acknowledge that:

  • GAA admission is contingent upon receipt of a final official transcript reflecting the award of my transfer-oriented associate degree or general education certificate with the required GPA.
  • Guaranteed admission into VCU does not imply admission to any particular degree program.
  • Only grades of C or higher will be considered for transfer.
  • Transfer applicants who do not meet all of the requirements for GAA admission may be considered for regular transfer admission.

Note: VCU reserves the right to deny admission to students who have felony convictions or suspensions from previous educational institutions.


All fields are required unless indicated otherwise.

Expected graduation date from VCCS:

Semester I intend to enroll at VCU:

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