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Recommender instructions: Please fill out the electronic recommendation form in its entirety. When finished, make sure to submit the form using the button at the bottom of the page to add the recommendation to the applicant’s record. You and the applicant will receive an email confirmation upon submission.

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The Department of Clinical Radiation Sciences values your comments on the suitability of this applicant to do undergraduate work.

Please carefully assess the applicant in the following areas. In making your assessment, compare the applicant to other individuals you have known who have similar levels of experience and education.

Industry: willingness to work; work habits; zeal; perseverance; energetic attention

Thoroughness: accuracy; carefulness; definiteness; exactness

Initiative: intellectual curiosity; originality; willingness to attempt new ideas

Reliability: dependability; good judgment; honesty; ability to get along without supervision

Cooperation: ability to get along with others; adaptable; tactful; agreeable; cheerful

Emotional control: poise; moodiness; overly emotional; temperamental

Intellectual capacity: intelligence; natural ability to succeed in academic effort

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